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About xavier

A transformative experience that meets the needs of society and enables the building of sustainable communities.

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Enabling people to live extraordinary lives and be the light for the world..


Education in the spirit of magis

Xavier University Bhubaneswar

A Digital University, A Research University, A Jesuit University,
An Innovative University, A University with a Vision…



Committed to groom thinkers and learners who can respond to challenges

home admission undergraduate
Explore our undergraduate degrees programs in the fields of Commerce, Business Management, Economics, Mass Communication, Law, Computer Science, Sustainability Management and More…

home admission postgraduate

Xavier University offers postgraduate programs in fields of study as Business Management, Human Resource Management, Rural Management,Sustainability Management , Urban Management and Governance, Business Finance, Mass Communication, Data Science & Analytics, Urban & Regional Planning, Public Policy & Governance and Economics…

admission doctoral program
Xavier University  views research as an activity where our core institutional values are expressed clearly. At Xavier University  we recognize the need to participate in the global academic environment through high quality publications.

Xavier University


Driving change through experiential learning and contributing to society and the region.

Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB)

XIMB owes its origin to a “social contract” between the Government of Odisha and the Odisha Jesuit Society in 1987.

School of Human Resource Management

The School owes its origin to XIMB’s HR specialization program. It continues the legacy of shaping HR professionals.

School of Rural Management

The School focuses on nurturing reflective professionals and enlightened knowledge leaders who would enable the management.

School of Human Settlements

The School develops and transfers knowledge about building sustainable, liveable and inclusive cities and communities.

School of Sustainability

The School is established in Xavier University to fulfil the University's social and environmental mission of bringing about transformation in our society.

School of Communications

It was set up in 2015 with the mission to empower the aspiring youths who joins school of communications to be sensitive, innovative.

School of Commerce

The School is one of the constituents of Xavier University was founded in 2014 to cater to the ever-increasing demand for commerce.

School of Economics

The School aims to provide students with broad-based knowledge, advanced technical, communication and entrepreneurship skills.

School of Computer Science & Engineering

It is a unique school that leverages the high-quality programs of Xavier University and emphasizes sound computer science ...

Xavier School of Law

It is located in the pristine green of sub-urban Bhubaneswar, is an initiative to educate, train and develop preciously talented young persons.

School of Governance and Public Affairs

The School aims to build leadership potential of the state and help create a huge network of capacity-built future.

Xavier Emlyon business school

Founded in 1872, emlyon business school is one of the oldest in Europe. It is also one of the select group of business..

Xavier University


Impacting theory, practice and teaching through the creation of intellectual wealth.

At Xavier University Bhubaneswar, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and possibility is an integral aspiration and working element of the University since inception. Xavier University Bhubaneswar, provides a vigorous and visible research environment to its students with a goal to establish a sound research culture and a habit of intellectual leadership for the nation.

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Xavier University

Campus life

Develop the key traits of professionalism, integrity and discipline while being part of a vibrant community.

From the traditional gym space to racquet sports, hockey, cricket, athletics, football, and more, Xavier offers an extensive fitness and wellness programming for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.


At Xavier University Bhubaneswar, we are committed to providing you a safe and supportive environment and believe in using an integrated approach to safety and security on campus.

xub student committees

The Student Executive Council (SEC) is the apex students body at Xavier University Bhubaneswar. It oversees the functioning of the various committees…

Xavier University


The Xavier University is spread across 55 acres of land across two different campuses,

Old Campus and New Campus.

xub libraries facilities

Xavier University Library goes far beyond the realm of just a compilation of books. It is a treasure house of information and knowledge that employs trained professionals to preserve…

xub IT facilities

The Computer Resources and Data Centre (CRDC) at New Campus and Old Campus provide all IT and Computing resources to the students, faculty and staff members of the University.


With academic activities round-the-clock, students are required to live on the campus. There are separate Residences for gents and ladies. All the rooms have 24-hour Internet…

Xavier University


Campus learning opportunities.
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xavier today

xavier today


Co-authored a book titled “Total Quality Management in Higher Education – Study of Engineering Institutions” published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group).

Prof. Sanjay Mohapatra

Xavier University

Authored a book titled “Digital Cultures” published by Routledge Focus.

Prof. Smeeta Mishra

Xavier University

Authored a book titled “Marketing Research” published by Cengage Learning India Private Ltd.

Prof. Rashmi Singh

Xavier University

Getting even: A study of abusive supervision, workplace deviance and intention to quit in Indian entrepreneurial organization. South Asian Journal of Business Studies, 8(3), 332-347, Emerald Publishers, US. ISSN:2398-628X

Lalatendu Kesari Jena

Xavier University

Relationships between green supply chain drivers, Triple Bottom Line sustainability and operational performance: An empirical investigation in the UK manufacturing supply chain. Operations and Supply Chain management, Vol. 12, No.4, pp.198-211, ISSN:1979-3561, OSCM forum, Indonesia

Subhra Pattnaik

Xavier University

Conceiving the Discourse of Compassion through the Lens of Media’ for special. Volume 70, Issue 1, ISSN:0037-7627, Social Action, India

Nadira Khatun

Xavier University

Sustainable Business through Cost Management and Control. The Management Accountant, Volume 54, Issue-9, Page:39-43, ISSN: 0972-3528

Abhimanyu Sahoo

Xavier University

Relevance of Max Weber’s Rational Bureaucratic Organizations in Modern Society. Management Revue - Socio-Economic Studies, Volume 31 (1), Page 1-11e

Mousumi Padhi

Xavier University

Mathematical modeling for short term indoor room temperature forecasting using Box-Jenkins models: an Indian evidence. Emerald UK

Bhaskar Basu

Xavier University

Workplace Spirituality and Workforce Agility: A Psychological Exploration Among Teaching Professionals. Journal of Religion and Health, Springer ,Europe

Kalpana Sahoo

Xavier University

Learn, Learning and Self-development. Journal of Educational and Science research. International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research, Volume 9, Issue 01. ISSN -2277-8616.

Fr. Kiran Cotha, S.J.

Xavier University

The role of informal competition in driving export propensity of emerging economy firms: An attention based approach. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy:1/2:40:184-203, Emerald Publishing Limited, UK

Santosh Kumar Prusty

Xavier University

The role of the volatility index in asset pricing: The case of the Indian stock market. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 74, Nov. 2019, PP. 336-346, Elsevier

Pratap Chandra Pati

Xavier University

Assessing the (Eco) Macroeconomic Performance Index of India: A DEA Approach. Journal of Public Affairs, Wiley-Blackwell, USA

Biresh K Sahoo

Xavier University

Emerging themes in e-learning: A review from the stakeholders' perspective. Computers & Education vol. 144 (2020) 103657, ISSN:03601315 Elsevier Ltd., UK

Snigdha Pattnaik

Xavier University