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  • The University is open virtually with classes, support services, registration and business operations available online.
    The faculty and staff remain committed to supporting student well-being and success.


Support Xavier University


" Every small action matters… because when you do it, it changes the world "

When you donate to Xavier University, the impact on a Xavier University student is transformative: a future takes shape and many lives are forever changed.

You can gift Classrooms, Lecture halls, Computer Centers, Media Labs, Library Sections, Solar Campus initiative, Rain-water Harvesting, Research, Support Education Research Centers, Support Ethics Research Centers, Resource Centers, Hostel Blocks, Student Activity Centers, International Students Center. You can gift your time too.

You can be assured that your gift will make a difference and we promise to do our best to prove worthy of your generosity.
Team of volunteers stacking hands

At Xavier University we are creating better leaders for a better world. An opportunity to be the light that lights other lives.