Career Tips for Student Planning to Become Chief Financial Officer

Career Tips for Student Planning to Become Chief Financial Officer


Career Tips for Student Planning to Become Chief Financial Officer

Are you looking for a job in the finance domain? If yes, then you could consider becoming a Chief Financial Officer. As per the latest studies, the demand for CFOs is on-the-rise as venture capitalists, and private entities are searching for these professionals to manage their financial matters. However, to have a successful career, it is crucial to choose the right course. And there is nothing better than doing a Master degree from a reputed University like Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.

The University is well-known for offering quality education and globally-recognized certification programs to students all over the world. For the students who want to be a CFO, the MBF (Master’s Program in Business Finance) course offered by the School of Commerce,one of the constituent schools of Xavier University, opens up a lot of opportunities for them. The School of Commerce aims at preparing highly skilled and talented commerce, business and finance professionals, who can contribute to the growth of the economy through advanced knowledge and skills while evaluating and analyzing the complexities of businesses and other financial institutions.

The Master of Business Finance, a 2-year full-time program is designed to help students sharpen their conceptual as well as analytical skills in the areas of financial decision-making. The course curriculum includes classroom instruction and two sets of elective specializations – “Banking and Insurance”, and “Finance”. In addition to this, the program covers immersion courses on current issues, seminars, workshops and interaction with industry experts.

Before you enroll in the program, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to become a successful CFO. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Tips to Become a Successful CFO

1. Gain as much as work experience you can

In general, most companies prefer to hire candidates who have a few years of relevant work experience. Therefore, pursuing your master’s education and undergoing relevant training are crucial tools for better advancement. This is what you can gain at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, while doing your Business Finance course. The University offers training opportunities at renowned companies, which will help you to get updated information about IRS issues, best practices, market trends, the latest accounting technology, and more.

2. Learn all the relevant skills and knowledge

A CFO must be equipped with the necessary skills such as problem-solving, leadership, attention to detail, and the vision to become an effective executive. Moreover, students need to develop their knowledge about Computer Information System, Corporate Financial Reporting, Business Taxes, Applied Statistics, Auditing, Contract, Tax and Commercial law, and more. Xavier University’s Master’s Program in Business Finance offers all the required resources to enhance the students’ knowledge.

3. Network with the right people

A few young professionals think that by using Facebook and LinkedIn, they can develop the required professional network and connection. Although this may seem reasonable, the most effective way here is face-to-face networking. Such type of networking creates a better effect. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar organizes multiple seminars every year to let students meet and interact with industry experts and CEOs of different companies to hone their knowledge and increase their chances of getting hired.

4. Expand your knowledge of technology

Cybersecurity, Big Data Analysis, Software as a Service, and Cloud Technology influence the global financial industry. A significant part of the CFO career path revolves around evaluating the risks and benefits of these technologies. Nowadays, companies need people with diversified knowledge. As such, it’s time to familiarize yourself with data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

5. Treasury role

Another job position that’ll give you an added advantage at receiving a Chief Financial Officer position later on in life is working in Corporate Treasury. A treasurer is responsible for managing commodity risk, interest, banking contacts, cash management, and financial investment. Such kinds of positions can offer you better exposure to higher-level financial interactions. So, try and look for such a post in the largest companies.


Do not think that the path to becoming a CFO is exceptionally challenging. You can make it easier by choosing the right course, and a reputed University that can offer you the necessary support. Enroll at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, to give your career the perfect boost that it needs. Check your eligibility and apply now to kick start your professional journey!

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