• Collaborative Workshop with IMF South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC) and Government of Odisha

      Schedule: 19th – 20th September, 2018

    • 1. Budget formulation including improving performance focus
      • a) Performance budgeting
      • b) Medium-term budgeting
    • 2. Cash flow forecasting and management including associated Government banking arrangements
    • 3. Commitment Control

  • Workshop on SARTTAC Financial Management Mission with International Monetary Fund, Fiscal Affairs Department, Washington DC and Government of Odisha

      Schedule: 24th January – 5th February, 2019

    • 1. Macro-fiscal forecasting and analysis as a basis for sound budgeting
    • 2. Annual budget formulation and preconditions for moving to medium-term budgeting: State-level considerations
    • 3. Fiscal risk reporting: good practices, with an example of a fiscal risk statement
    • 4. Fiscal risk management and subnational borrowing
    • 5. Strengthening Cash Management System
    • 6. Introducing commitment controls: common issues, good practices, and State-level considerations