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Grievance Cell

Grievance Cell

Xavier University

Grievance means a concern raised by the employee or student through written or electronic communication and made in good faith. However, the grievance should be factual and not speculative and should contain as much information as possible to allow for proper assessment of the nature and extent of the concern. Anonymous applications/letters will not be entertained or attended to under any circumstances. The representation should set out all the circumstances and grounds and should be accompanied by all the relevant documents in support of the allegation.

The University is sincerely committed to redress genuine grievances of employees or student as it believes that any sort of dissatisfaction or discontent among the employees or student, if unattended, may cause frustration amongst the employees and student, and even culminate to problems of discipline. Accordingly, the Grievance Redressal Policy and Procedures are developed to facilitate open communication for employees and student to vent their grievances.