Xavier Digital Lab

Xavier School of Communication which is situated at the Xavier City Campus of Xavier University offer a spacious TV studio floor, TV Studio Control Room, Edit Suits for students, Professional Audio Studio, Voiceover Booth, and Green room and Lobby. All this is housed in a sprawling studio space of 2000 square feet.

The Digital Still Photography Room’s is equipped withElinchrom 200 (strobe lights), Backdrop Kit and other lights required for indoor digital photography. In addition there are Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D7000 DSLR cameras with a variety of lenses and other studio accessories.

The TV Studio is HD enabled and is completely digital. Panasonic P2HD cameras (4) and Panasonic 103C (3) are used for the production courses. The studio also boasts a digital video recording equipment called Data Video Recorder, and a Panasonic P2HD Portable Recorder. Students will have access to a Sony Handycam NEX VG10 that can record in AVCHD file format. The studio has a professional talkback system and has 6 boundary microphones that are connected to the audio and TV Studio Control Room for quality sound recording for videos.

The Audio Studios is an important element in production. Two sound editing and recording software namely Pro Tools and Studio 1 are used. A wide-range of microphones are accessible to the students. The Studio has lapel, dynamic, condenser microphones and handheld microphones as well.

The master Edit Suites has the latest cylindrical Apple MacPro with FCP and professional sound monitors. Windows based video editing software media composer is used with HP workstation. Another lab is a 10 FCP edit suite with 10 Dell desktops for designing and print media assignments.

Professional lights are used on the studio floor - multi-20, multi-10, cool lights with 4 banks, 3 banks, and 2 banks. The studio also uses professional LED lights with DMX controller, which could change the colors or mix colors at a given time. There are two spotlights and 4 babies with all the accessories. Outdoor lights are also available for the production of short films.