The Computer Resource Centre (CRC) provides IT resources to the students, faculty and staff. The Institute provides notebooks and workstations to all faculty and staff. All the computers are connected to the Campus LAN/ Wi-Fi, which is supported by Fibre Optic backbone. In addition, wireless hotspots are spread across the campus making it possible to remain connected anywhere on the campus, all the time. The campus network covers the Institute’s academic block, class rooms, library, hostels and faculty residences. All members on the intranet have access to the internet 24 hours, through 300 MBPS leased lines.

The CRC has designed, developed and implemented many software applications in the Institute and outside. These include open source Academic Information System (HIBISCUS), HR System, Alumni Information System, Library Information System (LIS), Project-based Accounting Information System (PAMIS), Inventory Management System, Pay Roll System, Leave Accounting System, File Management System, Office Automation System, Examination On-Line (EOL) and I-Survey. HIBISCUS s/w is integrated with the above applications & complete web-based application software where people can work through intranet or internet. The Intranet showcases our zeal and desire to IT-enable all our functions.

Xavier University has joined the University Alliance Programme of SAP and has access to SAP ERP and BW systems. New courses are being offered leveraging the SAP software. Xavier University has also acquired Clementine data mining software from SPSS.

The communication and information related services over the network are growing. These include internet-related services such as the Web, Email and Library Online Databases.