Pratidan 2.0

Pratidan 2.0

SRC-pratidan 2.0-2020-1

Pratidan 2.0

Seeing a smile on the faces of people after even a small act of kindness is what keeps the spirits of SRC alive.

After Pratidan phase 1, SRC successful completed Pratidan 2.0. Pratidan is something that we had never done before, it is our way of coping with the changing times. With new problems and difficulties, we have evolved to address them with lively spirits and all our hearts.

SRC along with some volunteers from the batch of 2020-22 visited The Mother Teresa Rehabilitation Centre for the event. We interacted with the inmates, donated a water purifier and other essentials. The essentials included bed sheets, blankets, buckets, mugs, towels, etc. and ended with a refreshment session for the inmates.

The smile on the faces of the inmates is what motivates us to do more. A small act of kindness makes their day and keeps the spirits of SRC alive.

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