Faculty Research

Faculty Research

Xavier University

At Xavier University Bhubaneswar, we believe in inspiring learning through multi- and interdisciplinary research,the multiple vectors industry and academic research, and university-industry interaction. We believe in the critical role of academic research in the advancement of information technology, the regulation of industry, the impact of technology transfer activities on core university research and education missions, and the search for new pathways to enhance the contributions of academic research to industry.

We recognize the need to participate in the global academic environment through high quality publications, so our faculty publish their research in national and international journals and also contribute through books, book chapters, cases , and working papers.


Xavier School of Computer Science & Engineering (XCSE)

He researches in the areas of machine learning methods & applications, power-efficient computing, network system design & validation, and algorithms & optimization techniques. His research ranges from algorithms to low-power design, from silicon to intelligent systems.
His primary research area includes Big Data analytics, Distributed Linear Algebra, Spatial Data Mining, and Information Retrieval. In terms of usability, his research applies to large scale weather prediction and climate science. His other research interests are in the field of Music Informatics, Music Information Retrieval, and Music Computing.
His research domain consists of designing and establishing some novel approaches for solving some of the real-world combinatorial optimization problems, such as educational timetabling, vehicle routing, personnel scheduling, and transport logistics scheduling. A large number of these real-world problems can be viewed as special cases of constraint-satisfaction problems. 
His research is mostly focused on the study of dynamics and macro properties of the diffusion process in the network. The key insight of his research is to study the diffusion dynamics in terms of users’ behaviour and structural as well as spatial properties of the network. He is currently working on identification of theme in short text using deep learning techniques and rumor detection and rumor control strategies in social networks.
He works in the domain of Information security where image encryption is one of the important needs. He focuses on lightweight image encryption techniques. His additional research interests are in machine learning and predictive analytics. 
His research is focused on designing algorithms and models on energy efficiency, routing, sharing of limited bandwidth, and security provisioning in wireless multimedia sensor networks in his immediate-past and present research works. He wants to address energy efficiency, bandwidth sharing, and security in the Internet of Things (IoT) also.
Her research area includes Bioinformatics, Data Mining, and Soft computing. Her experiment involves cancer biomarker discovery from gene expression data, finding the batch effects on omics data and detecting rare cell types from single-cell gene expression data. With the recently awarded Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) from SERB and DST, she is interested in developing a computational drug-ranking system.

He is currently working on medical image fusion and plans to further pursue “Medical Image analysis using reconfigurable platforms”. His research work involves image processing, Medical image analysis, multimedia signal processing, design of parallel architectures, accelerated and reconfigurable computing. This also involves mapping computation to Graphics Processing Unit, Field-Programmable Gate Array, or Multi-Core Processor for real-time implementation.