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University Dialogue Series

University Dialogue Series

Xavier University

14th February '20
Prof. Mousumi Padhi and Prof. Tania S. Rath
7th February '20
Prof. Balram Bhushan
31st January '20
Dr. Maren Duvendach
31st January '20
Prof. Prashant Prasad & Prof. Bhargab Maitra
10th January '20
Prof. Mayank Dubey
20th December '19
Prof. Balram Bhushan
16th December '19
Dr. Sudipta Sarangi
14th December '19
Prof. Tanmoy Das
29th November '19
Prof. Bhaskar Basu
24th October '19
Prof. Humayun Kabir
18th October '19
Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra
16th August '19
Prof. Pedro Ortiz
28th June '19
Prof. Tathagata Chatterji
14th June '19
Ashish Kumar Singh, Prof. Wakar Amin & Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra
5th April '19
Prof. M. Nadarajah
18th January '19
Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash and Prof. J. Stephen Ferris
4th January '19
Prof. Mousumi Padhi and Prof. Kalpana Sahoo
28th December '18
Prof. Mayank Dubey
29th November '18
Prof. Subhra Pattnaik
15th September '18
Col. Christopher Rego (Retd.)
29th June '18
Prof. Sanket Sunand Das and Prof. Kalpana Sahoo
25th May '18
Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
27th April '18
Dr. V. Vijay Kumar
23rd March '18
Dr. Joe Ravetz
28th February '18
Prof. Subhasis Ray
16 February '18
Mr. Rahul Jain
5th January '18
Dr. Deepak Mishra
15th December '17
Souvik Gupta, MBA-RM Student(2016-18)
10th November '17
Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
13th October '17
Prof. T. Kumar
15th September '17
Dr. Madhavi Panda
18th August '17
Prof. Soumya Guha Deb
11th August '17
Prof. Sanket Sunand Dash
21st July '17
Prof. Mousumi Padhi & Prof. Tania S Rath
30th June '17
Prof. Ranjan Dasgupta & Prof. Soumya Guha Deb
9th June '17
Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra
17th March '17
Prof. Tathagata Chatterji
3rd March '17
Dr. Neerpal Rathi
17th February '17
Dr. Kalpana Sahoo
27th January '17
Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
13th January '17
Prof. Mayank Dubey
2nd December '16
Prof. Sunila S. Kale
28th October '16
Prof. Sanket Sunand Dash
30th September '16
Prof. Christian Lee Novetzke
23rd September '16
Chanchal Agrawalla
9th September '16
Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra & Prof. Kushankur Dey
26th August '16
Prof. F.M. Sahoo
22nd July '16
Prof. Bhaskar Basu
8th July '16
Prof. Narayan Chandra Sarangi
14th June '16
Prof. Snigdha Pattnaik
27th May '16
Prof. Girish Bal Subramaniam
13th May '16
Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
22nd April '16
Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra
18th March '16
Prof. Santanu K. Ganguli