What can you do with a Master in Urban and Regional Planning?

What can you do with a Master in Urban and Regional Planning?

What can you do with a Master in Urban and Regional Planning

What can you do with a Master in Urban and Regional Planning?

Is your dream to be a professional urban planner? Do you want to do something good for your city, contributing to the process of urbanization? If yes, you should consider the Master in Urban and Regional Planning program. To help you achieve your dream job and career goals, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar brings you its Master’s Program in Urban and Regional Planning. This highly demanding and flagship course is offered by the School of Human Settlements, one of the constituent schools of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.

The School of Human Settlements is the University’s leading initiative to develop, transfer and disseminate knowledge about building sustainable, smart and liveable cities. Research focuses on policy and institutional development, governance, planning and management of human settlements in rapidly urbanising geographies. It also offers programs to develop planning and management expertise for public systems. Its innovative and unique programs are designed to create the professionals needed for sustainable urban and regional development in rapidly transforming geographies. At the core of its graduate degree and other programs are modules for hands-on learning, including in live projects with faculty and organizations engaged in policy development and impact evaluation, technical support and advisory with government, corporate and civil society organizations.

However, if you still aren’t sure, we have listed the career paths you can choose from after completing the Master in Urban and Regional Planning program.

Career paths after Master in Urban and Regional Planning

You can choose to create a professional career in urban planning and other fields after completing the MURP program. A few well-known career options that you can pursue after MPPG are as following:

  • Cartographer

Cartographers must be highly skilled at obtaining different geographic data types and translate the collected data into easy-to-understand visual representations, for example, maps. It is because of this reason that cartographers are also called the mapmakers.  Most businesses that work with logistics and need geospatial graphical data often prefer to hire a professional cartographer. After completing MURP at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, you will possess the necessary skills to become a cartographer.

  • Regional and urban planner:

Regional and urban planners have to carry out several tasks that require them to be technical. Moreover, they need to have the ability to deal with different stakeholders. As a planner, they have to meet the public, developers and local authorities for planning the area’s development. Besides, the planners also need to have analytical skills to conceptualize the development requirements easily. If you intend to have a career in this domain, a Master in Urban and Regional Planning program is the right option for you to gain the required knowledge.

  • Landscape architect

To design different public spaces, such as college campuses, playgrounds, parks, and more, companies look for professional landscape architects. Such professionals develop various site plans, determine the project’s technical specifications and make the cost estimates. They have the knowledge to use drafting software for crafting graphic presentations. The MPPG program helps you acquire these skills and be a master in your field.

  • Surveyors:

Surveyors are experts who measure the distance between different points and create land records. The data they create can be utilized for preparing maps, plots as well as geographical reports. The curriculum of the program has been designed in a way that lets you obtain the expertise to become a surveyor. 

Hence, it can be said that after completion of the program, you will be frequently called upon to deal with many developmental projects related to city or land.


With such diverse career options, the Master in Urban and Regional Planning program is the perfect way of giving your professional career an ideal boost. Besides, as you’ll be pursuing the program at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, you will benefit from faculty research in interdisciplinary areas. So what’s got you holding back? Apply now!

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