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Xavier Digital University

Xavier Digital University

Creating the first digital university of India has been a rich experience for all involved. It is an instrument for providing 21st century IT enabled learning, research, teaching, writing and communicating experience of a learning community, the Xavier University.

Inauguration of the Xavier Digital University was held on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the new campus.

ShriPradeepMaharathy, Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries & Animal Resources and Dr. Arun Kumar Sahoo, Hon’ble Minister of Panchayati Raj & Law, Govt. of Odishawere present during the inaugural function of the Xavier Digital University.

Xavier Digital University has been formed to cater new innovation and invention. New Data Center has been created with high performing blade Server. Four new Labs have been set up with 300 PCs.

The leased line raw bandwidth capacity was upgraded to 200 MBPS at XIMB in order to cater to the growing needs of faculty and students. Xavier City Campus is connected with 100MBPS leased line with fiber optic. Web server and Wi-Fi access points installed at student hostels.


Xavier University IT Infrastructure:

Moving forward on the Xavier University’s vision of a Digital University, the educational infrastructure during the year was further strengthened with IT resources and supporting technology. The Computer Resource Centers(CRC) at XUB provides the backbone support to the University’s academic activities, embraced technology to an extent very few of its peers have done.


This academic year XUB forged a new partnership with Microsoft Corporation to enhance the existing datacenter leveraging the Microsoft Azure Cloud technology. The institution of “Xavier Microsoft Phoenix Lab”, first of its kind in India, takes Xavier University deeper into the realms of a “Digital University”. We are now authorized partners providing Microsoft Certified courses from Xavier University, facilitated by a Microsoft trainer and curriculum.

The highlights of the computing facilities are the following:

  • This year the Computer Resource Centers further strengthened its IT infrastructure and services. The University’s 24/7 wi-fi campus was upgraded with 355 Mbps leased lines.
  • IT security was emphasized through implementing enhanced security features for the Datacenters at both locations: establishment of DMZ zones and server migration, implementation of MAC Authentication solution for enhanced security of devices, deployment of the Microsoft Campus license, allowing students to download secure software via MS Azure, Firewall policy and Group mail policy reformulation and setting up a new secure email service through Zimbra.
  • XIMB is part of the University Alliance Program of SAP and has access to SAP ERP and BW systems. New courses are being offered leveraging the SAP software. XIMB has also acquired Clementine data mining software from SPSS. Additionally, the in-house preparatory Academic Information System (HIBISCUS), including the Admission entrance exam X-GMT and the Examination On-Line (EOL), and the on-line Faculty application process are hosted and managed by the CRC.
  • The 10G Backbone Network Infrastructure work carried out by IBM supporting Juniper Networks devices for data and Astra (previously Ericson) for Digital voice(VOIP) devices, was further upgraded to meet the growing needs of the University’s new schools and digital initiatives.

The current computing facilities of the University includes the following:

  • 12 Servers based on Windows and Linux
  • More than 1000 Work Stations / Notebook PCs
  • More than 100 Software Packages
  • Video conferencing facilities and CCTV surveillance across the campus
  • Each hostel room connected with LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Campus LAN connecting all PCs with fibre optic backbone
  • Wireless Hotspots throughout the campus